SOLARMAN is a smart energy management application, which is specially designed for global users.

With full-on visual experience user-friendly data display and all-round monitoring functions, SOLARMAN makes smart energy management easier for everyone.

Home Energy Management

Wisely managing energy use has been a high priority when households are on the way to pursue a smart life with sustainable energy, improved efficiency and reduced bills.

By applying advanced technologies of IoTs (Internet of Things) and wireless communication, SOLARMAN are able to connect a variety of devices in your home, making your daily operations in a more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly manner.

  • Precisely reporting real-time data of your power generation and energy consumption.

  • Visualizing your energy usage pattern and offering intelligent suggestions as required. 

  • Enabling solar panels to be used more effectively.

  • Remotely switching "ON/OFF" status of your home appliances